Interpretation and reporting of your ultrasound exams by specialists provides a high level of expertise and diagnostic confidence, increases your productivity, and reduces dependence on your sonographers, thereby reducing your liability.  Your office bills as usual and your quality improves dramatically.

Continuous quality improvement serves as the cornerstone of the commitment of any medical organization to improve the treatment and services it provides and to minimize the risk of negative outcomes and liability.

The medical and legal communities agree. Standardized protocols and a quality assurance program improve physician performance and provide a method of monitoring and reducing liability.  Patient care and liability are heavily dependant upon the quality of the ultrasound program and may be influenced by factors you don’t have complete control over, such as rapidly advancing technologies, inconsistent protocols, or the diligence of your sonographers.

With ongoing interpretation, SonoQuality analyzes your ultrasound services, makes recommendations to improve the reliability of your ultrasound program and provides consistent, helpful feedback to the sonographer and physician.

Our commitment is to the ongoing improvement of the quality of care you provide to your patients and to decrease your liability.

Services available:

  •  Interpretation and reporting of ultrasound exams
  •  Analysis of the ultrasound practice; quality and risk/needs assessment
  •  Custom, standardized ultrasound protocols
  •  Consultation for diabetes & hypertension management; neo-natal testing protocols
  •  Recommendations for ultrasound equipment, exam archiving & reporting
  •  Ultrasound quality assurance and continuous quality improvement
  •  In-house inservice training (CMEs)


We are proud to collaborate with Dr. David Nyberg at MyUltrasoundPACS.

MyUltrasoundPACS provides a cost-effective cloud-based ultrasound PACS and combined Ob/Gyn exam reporting system. Designed for anyone performing or interpreting ultrasound exams.

Please visit them at